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IPOPHL Lauds GMA’s 'Stream Responsibly, Fight Piracy' Campaign as Industry Model in Anti-piracy Battle

17-Jan-2024 | Source : The Intellectual Property of the Philippines (IPOPHL) | Visits : 979

TAGUIG - The Intellectual Property of the Philippines (IPOPHL) has joined the GMA Network in celebrating the successful run of the latter’s “Stream Responsibly, Fight Piracy“ campaign, which recently marked its first year in denouncing piracy and promoting legitimate ways for consuming copyrighted works, according to the official website of IPOPHL. 

“GMA’s commitment sets a shining example for the industry, inspiring others to join the crusade against piracy and champion the cause of ethical and original content consumption,” Deputy Director General Ann Claire C. Cabochan said at the GMA celebration held earlier this month.  The media company is an official partner of IPOPHL in combatting piracy. 

Cabochan also lauded artist Ruru Madrid whom the GMA introduced as its newest anti-piracy ambassador. Madrid works together with IPOPHL’s own anti-piracy ambassador Matteo Guidicelli in the GMA drama action series “Black Rider.”

“Taking on the role of an anti-piracy ambassador is a significant commitment towards protecting creative content and intellectual property rights. Your dedication to this cause sets a powerful example for others. Remember, IP education and awareness are keys in this fight against piracy. Your efforts will surely make a difference in safeguarding the hard work and ingenuity of creators and artists like you,” Cabochan added, addressing Madrid.

Cabochan also took stock of another cause for celebration for the creative industries: the new record gross receipts of P1.07 billion garnered at the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2023 as of January 9, 2023. 

However, Cabochan said these hard-earned revenues by artists would have fetched heftier amounts were it not for the pirated activities that proliferated on social media at the height of the MMFF.

“Our IP Rights Enforcement Office (IEO) has been receiving reports that pirated copies of these movies are made available online already.  Reports of piracy-related incidents during the MMFF are distressing and undermine the hard work and creativity of filmmakers. It’s disheartening to witness these illegal activities that not only violate intellectual property rights but also harm the entire film industry,” Cabochan added.

Cabochan expressed hopes that the Supplemental Rules on Voluntary Administrative Site-Blocking, a thrust under Director General Rowel S. Barba’s leadership that will take effect on January 24, 2024, would alleviate the problem of digital piracy. 

The IPOPHL official also emphasized the role of consumers in giving back to the hard work and creativity of creators by consuming their works legally. Hence, IPOPHL’s “Stop Piracy” campaign and GMA’s “Stream Responsibly, Fight Piracy“ slogan together form a call to action and an appeal to the values of Filipinos. 

“These messages represent a commitment — to uphold the rights of creators, to protect and respect intellectual property, and to promote a culture of responsible streaming,” Cabochan added.


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