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ICANN Launches the KINDNS Initiative to Promote DNS Security Best Practices

07-Sep-2022 | Source : The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) | Visits : 1681
LOS ANGELES - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) invites you to participate in the "Knowledge-sharing and Instantiation Norms for DNS and Naming Security" (KINDNS) initiative. This initiative promotes Domain Name System (DNS) operational security best practices and encourages DNS operators to voluntarily commit to their implementation, a press release stated by ICANN. 

KINDNS is one of many DNS security projects the ICANN organization has established to further protect the DNS. Its goals align directly with ICANN's Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2021–2025 established by the ICANN community through its participation in ICANN's multistakeholder model.

The KINDNS initiative started its work in Fiscal Year 21 to engage with the DNS technical community, DNS service providers, software vendors, registrants, and others, to catalog, document, and develop a program to promote DNS operational best practices within various communities and ecosystems. As a result, KINDNS developed a framework for the most critical security norms for DNS operations, such as for authoritative, recursive resolvers and software.

Through the KINDNS project, ICANN plans to promote and encourage operators to commit to following these DNS security best practices and becoming "goodwill ambassadors'' of them.

As people and organizations navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, the reliance on the Internet as a tool for both work and daily life became increasingly apparent. This has helped raise awareness about the importance of a secure and stable DNS. The application of robust best practices across the operational community will help to improve the security, stability, and resilience of core Internet infrastructure.

KINDNS is another example of ICANN working with its community to solve complex global technical issues together to make the Internet more secure and resilient for Internet users everywhere.

Please join the KINDNS mailing list to contribute to the ongoing discussions about these best practices.

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