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Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global Opens New Office in South Africa

20-Mar-2022 | Source : AG-IP News Agency | Visits : 2501
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global Opens New Office in South Africa

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global), TAG.Global has recently opened a new office in South Africa, to be added to its wide network of offices located all over the world.

Inaugurating the new office comes in line with TAG.Global’s strategy in disseminating and expanding its services to new global markets and regions, thus, to be present in every major city throughout the world. 

On this occasion, Chairman and Founder of TAG.Global, HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, expressed his pride at the establishment of the new office, stating “We are really proud of serving our dedicated clients around the world. The growth of TAG.Global is indicative of our commitment to offering our unmatched services to our clients wherever they are.”

For his part, Mr. Samer Jamhour, Executive Director of Geographic Expansion at TAG.Global, pointed out that TAG.Global’s new office in South Africa provides many professional, educational and technological services under the management of a highly experienced team of specialists and practitioners in several fields.

Mr. Jamhour added that opening a new office in South Africa crystallizes TAG.Global’s commitment to its expansion strategy in Africa, noting that the Organization has other operating offices in Djibouti, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania.
It is worth mentioning that the TAG.Global South African office offers a wide range of services including educational, administrative, economic and strategic consulting, and enterprise resource planning in addition to professional, training and technical services, Technology Transfer, Project Management, Investors and Business Advisory Services, Human Resources and Recruitment Services, E-Government, E-Commerce, E-Education, IT and Security Audit, Web Design, Professional Interpretation and Translation, Website Arabization, Domain Names Registration, ICT Strategic Planning, ERP Consulting Services, IT and Internet Skills Training and Examinations, Intellectual Property News Agency, IP Business and Asset Valuation and Branding Services, IP Registration and Protection, Intellectual Property Renewals, IPR Protection and Management, Legal Services, Public Offering, Digital Transformation Services, Design and Manufacture Technology Devices.

For further information about our newly introduced services in South Africa, kindly contact us at the following address:

0A Rosewood Rd, Broadacres AH, Sandton, 2055
Telephone: +27 73 296 4217 
Mobile: +27 73 296 4217 
P.O. Box: 0A Rosewood Rd, Broadacres AH, Sandton, 2055 
Contact Person: Daniel James Badenhorst (Mr.)


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