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Driving Economic Competitiveness through Intellectual Property Policy in ASEAN

28-Mar-2019 | Source : U.S. Chamber of Commerce | Visits : 3335
BANGKOK - The US Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Center (GIPC) announced in a press release that it hosted Driving Economic Competitiveness through Intellectual Property Policy in ASEAN to showcase how intellectual property fuels innovation, creativity, and competition across the globe. The event took place at The Shangri La in Bangkok, and brought together delegates from the participating ASEAN countries as well as policymakers and leaders from the business community to discuss the importance of a strong global intellectual property (IP) landscape.

Opening the event, Ellen Szymanski, Executive Director of the Global Innovation Policy Center, US Chamber of Commerce said, “Innovation delivers. It delivers breakthrough solutions to global challenges. It delivers socioeconomic benefits experienced at all levels of society. It delivers cultural and societal milestones through creative expression.”

The seventh edition of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce International IP Index titled “Inspiring Tomorrow” was released in February 2019. The report ranks economies based on 45 indicators that are critical to an innovation-led economy supported by robust patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secrets protection.

Thailand has been included in the last six editions of the Index, and each year the report reflects on the reforms that the Thai government has implemented to strengthen its IP framework. Thailand’s overall score increased from 31.37% (12.55 out of 40) in the 6th edition to 32.22% (14.5 out of 45) in the 7th edition. This was driven both by relatively strong performance on the new indicators added to the Index, and a score increase on the effective border measures indicator.

“The Thai government has also made sustained efforts to bolster inter-governmental coordination on IP and its enforcement,” said Szymanski. “Thailand’s IP framework could be further strengthened by improving IP rights for life sciences, introducing copyright reforms to better combat online piracy, and removing barriers to market access for foreign patent holders,” she added.

GIPC also presented the inaugural 2019 Global IP Champions award to Dr. Orakanoke Phanraksa, the Intellectual Property Policy Manager, Technology Licensing Office, at the Technology Management Center, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). Dr. Phanraksa promotes IP and commercialization policies at the national and international level. She is also very active in the Licensing Executive Society Thailand and the Global Young Academy, a non-profit that gives voice to young scientists around the world. The Global IP Champions award recognizes a member of the IP community who has advanced reforms to foster and protect innovation and creativity in their communities and around the world.   

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