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DED Says Fake Goods in 2017 down by Numbers, Up by Value

13-Mar-2018 | Source : Dubai Economy | Visits : 4924
DUBAI - The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in the Department of Economic Development made remarkable gains in its effort to protect trademarks and intellectual property (IP) during the year 2017 as 26.2 million pieces of counterfeit goods were seized during the year in Dubai. The number of goods seized was significantly lower compared to the previous year  - AED 1.19 billion in 2017 as against AED 1.16 in 2016 - but their net value was slightly higher in comparison as a major share of them were luxury items.
According to Dubai Economy, CCCP continues to tighten its vigil against counterfeiting in 2017 as part of its strategy to protect intellectual property, consumers and the local market against fraudulent practices, thus reinforcing Dubai's reputation as a premier regional and international shopping destination., senior officials said during a meeting with nearly 100 trademark owners, law firms and the media at the DED warehouse in Umm Ramool today. A live demonstration of destroying counterfeit goods was also part of the meeting after which many of the attendees were honored for supporting DED in its the fight against trademark infringements, at a special ceremony held at the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City.
Shoes top the list of counterfeit items confiscated last year with 51,144 pieces worth approximately AED 400 million. While shoes accounted for 37% of the total value of the goods seized, bags and other leather products stood next at 337,212 pieces worth AED 72.1 million, and 2.2 million cigarettes worth AED 338.7 million came third followed by cosmetics (5.9 million pieces worth AED 61.3 million), and telephone accessories (3.6 million pieces worth AED 50 million)
In terms of the number of goods, cosmetics and telephone accessories occupied the first two spots respectively, followed by packing cases (2.9 million pieces worth AED 18.6 million), perfumes (2.5 million pieces worth AED 34.5 million) and construction materials (2.3 million pieces worth AED 14.2 million).
Mohammed Ali Rashid Lootah, CEO of CCCP honoured Bayt Al Hikma Legal Consultants as the Best Office in following up trademark infringement cases (648 cases, 70% of the total), and also the Best Office in filing cases (27 cases, 17% of the total). Raafat Mohammed Al Jabal of Bayt Al Hikma was honoured as the Best Employee in filing cases and following up with DED (711 cases, 61% of the total). 
"CCCP took remarkable strides in the fight against counterfeiting during 2017," Lootah said adding that DED plays a vital role in protecting trademarks, which is in line with the policy of the Government of Dubai to promote economic growth and sustainability. "Business competitiveness is essentially linked to transparency and fairness as well as protection of intellectual property rights."
Ibrahim Behzad, Director of Intellectual Property Rights Management in DED said: "The diversity and market value of the counterfeit goods seized in 2017 is a major achievements compared to 2016. The goods confiscated in 2017 included imitations of luxury brands, such as AED 400 million worth of shoes, 1,908 pieces of jewellery worth AED 29.5 million, and 149,321 mobile phones worth AED 44.4 million."
Behzad warned consumers of the dangers of counterfeit goods, urging them not to fall prey to the lure of cheaper prices. Counterfeit goods pose a threat to human health and the living environment.

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