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Revised Report of the Independent Review of the Trademark Clearinghouse Now Available - ICANN

26-Feb-2017 | Source : ICANN | Visits : 7663
LOS ANGELES – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) published the Revised Report of the Independent Review of the Trademark Clearinghouse.

According to the Corporation, the review was conducted by Analysis Group, a third-party consulting firm. The firm examined whether domains that relate to, but do not exactly match trademarks should be considered for use in the Claims periods of a new generic top-level domain's lifecycle. The review also explores if extending the number of days of the Claims service would be of value and measures how frequently trademark holders use the Sunrise period.

A draft report was published for comment on 25 July 2016. The revised version available today incorporates suggestions received during the public comment period and provides clarifications regarding the data used (view the redlined report [PDF, 1.29 MB]). The report of public comments, which includes summary and analysis of the comments received regarding the study's findings, was published on 26 September 2016.

An independent review of the Trademark Clearinghouse was initially advised [PDF, 110 KB] by the Governmental Advisory Committee in May 2011 to be completed after the launch of the New gTLD Program. The review is informed by an analysis of Trademark Clearinghouse and third-party data sources, including data collected from stakeholders via interviews and surveys.

The revised report is expected to help inform discussions and policy development regarding Rights Protection Mechanisms in the New gTLD Program.

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