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Algeria to Host WIPO External Office

10-Aug-2016 | Source : WIPO | Visits : 6790
ALGIERS - Algeria will host, in the few coming days, the first office of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in the African continent, according to a statement by the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
WIPO, based in Geneva (Switzerland), is a United Nations institution and global forum for intellectual property cooperation. It comprises 188 member states and administers 24 international treaties.
"Given the important role of WIPO external offices, African countries have called, for many years, for the opening of external offices in Africa, the only continent that is not represented in WIPO external network".
The request was a "priority in the agenda of the African group in Geneva," said the Ministry's statement, adding that "Algeria has played a key role in the group to make WIPO General Assembly adopt in 2015 a decision on the opening of two external offices in Africa."
Six African countries, namely Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Kenya and Nigeria filed their applications before the deadlines set by the United Nations.
Following the vote held in Geneva on 4 August 2016, Algeria was chosen since the first round to host WIPO external office for North Africa as it got 29 votes, Egypt (7), Morocco (7) and Tunisia (2), while Nigeria was chosen to host WIPO external office for sub-Saharan Africa.
"The offices of Algiers and Abuja will preserve and promote Africa' interests in WIPO areas of actions".

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