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AsepticSure Receives EU Patent Approval

14-Jun-2016 | Source : Medizone International Inc | Visits : 9428
San Francisco, California - Medizone International Inc. announced in a press release that its unprecedented room disinfection technology, AsepticSure®, has been granted patent protection by the European Union Patent and Trademark Office (EU) for its patent application Bio-Terrorism Counter Measures Using Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide. The European Patent Office awarded patent number 252583B to this application, which provides a government counter measures response to a biological attack.

Medizone already has a significant number of applications granted for its disinfection technology for health care and sports facility disinfection. To date, AsepticSure has demonstrated a greater than 6-log kill (>99.9999% kill) against all bacterial and viral pathogens it has been tested against. This EU patent grant expands on the previously awarded bio-terrorism patent protection as awarded in the United States and Canada. With this EU patent, Medizone secures patent protection in the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Recently, Acinetobacter baumannii, another highly infective pathogen of concern to certain US government interests as well as the government of South Africa, has been defeated by AsepticSure. To date, our AsepticSure technology has defeated every infective pathogen – viral or bacterial – that it has been tested against. Eliminating all infective pathogens from a disinfected space eliminates the infective reservoir, thus rendering the treated space harmless and safe.

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