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World Patent Marketing Invention Team Projects a Productive New Year for Farmers with the Hay Strapping Hook

13-Jan-2016 | Source : World Patent Marketing | Visits : 5651
LOS ANGELES, Calif. - World Patent Marketing, a vertically integrated manufacturer and engineer of patented products, announced in a press release the Hay Strapping Hook, a farming invention that revolutionizes the packing and gathering of bales of hay.

"The Wheat, Barley and Sorghum Farming industry is worth $13 billion," says Scott Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing. "While the farming industry was hit hard recently by unpredictable weather patterns, demand for wheat and other crops will remain stable. The industry will continue to grow as farmers introduce new technology and equipment to make the process more efficient."

"One of the most physically draining tasks in a farm is to collect and stack bales of hay," says Jerry Shapiro, Director of Manufacturing and World Patent Marketing Reviews. "In addition to being tiring, it can even cause accidents whenever these stacks of hay are not properly secured. The Hay Strapping Hook is a farming invention that will aid in the proper and safe collection and stacking of bales of hay at a farm."

The Hay Strapping Hook is a farming invention which aids in keeping bales of hay securely in place. It is made of multiple sturdy arms and straps that will withstand constant use and abuse. This invention is able to easily and conveniently strap a large amount of hay stacks on a trailer via its vertical and horizontal arms. By using this nifty device, haystacks are now safely secured even when in large quantities. With the Hay Strapping Hooks, gathering and securing bales of hay is not as time consuming and tiresome.

""This tool works I use it every time I load hay. It saves time and is more safe than climbing up on load of hay in the wind," says inventor Terry B. "This farming invention will allow them to easily collect hay and even stack bales of hay on trailers without having to worry about it falling off or flying away due to strong winds, thus making these tasks quicker to accomplish and less physically tiring."

Jim Cullen, a crops and livestock farmer from Kansas, MO, has this to say about the Hay Strapping Hook: "Farming entails a person to accomplish a multitude of physically tiring tasks. So when it comes to gathering hale and stacking them up, it can significantly consume much needed time to accomplish more important farming errands. With the aid of the hay Strapping Hook, it significantly speeds up the gathering and stacking of hay stacks, thus giving more time for other tasks."

The Hay Strapping Hook is a farming invention that will be of great help to farmers thanks to its unique features that speed up the collection and stacking of bales of hay.

World Patent Marketing is an innovation incubator and manufacturer of patented products for inventors and entrepreneurs. The company is broken into eight operating divisions: Research, Patents, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Retail, Web & Apps, Social Media and Capital Ventures.


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