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iHookup Social Acquires "friendable(TM)" Brand and Intellectual Property, Will Re-Name iHookup Social

22-Apr-2015 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 6371
CAMPBELL, CA - iHookup Social Inc. announced in a press release that it has acquired the intellectual property assets of "friendabletm." Ihookup Social intends to rebrand its popular app and eventually, the company itself with the new friendabletm moniker in the coming months.
Full terms of the purchase agreement will be released through a related 8-k filing. The name and branding transition is expected to be seamless for the over 500,000 registered users. The agreement also includes the trademark, registration and a package of related domains, including Facebook, for its social presence.
"Over time our research indicated that we could reach a much broader consumer audience with a more inviting name and socially acceptable undertone," stated Robert Rositano Jr., CEO, iHookup Social. "While we enjoyed tremendous success with the 'iHookup Social' brand there remains a large, monetizable section of the market that viewed the brand as an entrée to one time connections, when we firmly believe that our app and technology are ideal for lasting connections of all varieties."
"As iHookup Social becomes friendabletm, we will expand beyond our romantic and dating successes with a calculated and aggressive foray into new connections for an array of interests," added Rositano. "We want friendabletm to be the nexus of all things social; a place where you locate others with the same interest, create a friendship or interest group, and perpetually view friendabletm as the source for local, social connections."
"And of course, we firmly believe that this planned expansion of market will provide greater monetization opportunities for our proven and proprietary technology," added Rositano. "This is the official launch of iHookUp 2.0, or more accurately, the beginning of the friendabletm era."
iHookup Social is a mobile -- social app positioned at the intersection of location based connections, love and adventure, stimulating hyper -- local opportunities for our user community as well as the venues and merchants competing for their business.

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