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Microsoft Continues to Support Jordan’s Anti-Piracy Campaign

16-Jul-2013 | Source : | Visits : 7682
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AMMAN - The Department of the National Library continues its campaign which was launched earlier this year to crack down on retail shops across the Kingdom selling pirated software, with the aim of safeguarding copyrights and ensuring a legal and safe environment for consumers and innovators.

The Jordanian Intellectual Property Law Number 22 for the year 1992 and its amendments state that fraudulent and pirated software are illegal in the Kingdom.

“Our goal is to ensure an environment that nurtures creativity and is free of violations, and to encourage innovation in all fields, because selling or buying illegal software has a negative impact on the Kingdom’s economy and society as a whole. Therefore, we — at the Department of the National Library — will continue to track and crack down on all parties that buy and sell pirated programs, in line with the Jordanian Intellectual Property Law,” said the department’s Director General, His Excellency Mr. Mohammad Abbadi.

Abbadi noted that the National Library’s copyright office investigates an average of 40 cases a month.

He added that the department is cooperating with Microsoft to combat piracy.

“We constantly receive complaints about pirated software and CDs promoted falsely as Microsoft products, and we have so far seized thousands of these counterfeit programs. We follow up on these cases until they are referred to court and the necessary legal measures are taken,” Abbadi said.

Software giant Microsoft also supports the Department of the National Library’s efforts to raise awareness among resellers and consumers on the dangers of using pirated software and the importance of buying original programs.

“At Microsoft, we believe that we have a responsibility to help build an economy in an environment that safeguards intellectual property, so that innovation and research flourish,” said Sana Jaser, Intellectual Property Lead at Microsoft Jordan, commending the “valuable” efforts of the various government bodies, including the Department of the National Library, in combating piracy.

When using unprotected, pirated software, consumers unknowingly expose themselves to malware and viruses, Jaser noted, additionally they become legally liable for using illegal programs.

In a study commissioned by Microsoft earlier this year, the IDC found that one in three PCs around the world with counterfeit software installed will be infected with malware in 2013.

“We need to change people's mindsets in Jordan with regards to piracy. We need to make it clear to them that it is a crime. It is stealing, whether you are a consumer or a business owner. That is why Microsoft is committed to working hand in hand with the Department of the National Library to implement the Jordanian Intellectual Property Law, in a bid to develop the software sector and raise awareness of copyrights and the importance of using original software,” she said.

“Microsoft also works on raising the awareness of business and company owners of their responsibilities in this regard and the need to institutionalize the use of original software,” Jaser added.

Consumers can find more information on how to protect themselves from harmful, pirated software, in addition to tips that helps them distinguish between original and pirated software on the website prepared by Microsoft.

The Government of Jordan established the Department of the National Library in 1994. The role of the Department is to protect the copyright and intellectual property laws as the basis of good management, development and progress of researchers and future generations.

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