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ICANN Posts Draft 2013-2016 Strategic Plan for Public Comment

26-Sep-2012 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 10633
MARINA DEL REY, CA - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) posted the Draft 2013-2016 Strategic Plan for public comment ( in accordance with the previously established timeline. (The timeline can be found at This draft takes into consideration community feedback gathered through consultations and submitted public comments.

A Strategic Planning session is scheduled for Toronto that will be organized to take comment on this document and also raise for discussion future strategy formulation as well as a model for ICANN planning and execution.

With regard to those last two items, community feedback also indicated that ICANN should undertake a full-scale strategy development for the next planning cycle to cover 3 to 5 years and that there be clear linkage of strategy and execution.

Future planning cycle: Focus on developing and implementing a strategy that will:

* Develop a shared vision and define ICANN's mission, to be followed consistently.

* Consider environmental forces and new developments that will impact the multi-stakeholder model.

* Formulate "macro-level" organizational objectives and goals that are clearly derived from ICANN's vision and mission.

Linkage of strategy and execution: ICANN's Strategic Plan is linked to the annual Operating Plan and Budget. The Execution Structure is a management system methodology that will ensure that strategy is translated into actionable and measurable goals, programs, projects and activities by:

* Facilitating understanding of organizational objectives and goals that form the basis of the annual Operating Plan and Budget.

* Measure effectiveness of initiatives and programs by implementing a management system of clear ownership, timelines, metrics and accountability.

View flowchart of the planning process:

These are the critical elements that will ensure that ICANN's execution plan support the vision and mission articulated in the Strategy and that the execution plan is implemented with accountability and transparency.

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