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inovia Adds Trademark Search and Registration Service to its Leading Foreign Patent Filing Platform

10-Jul-2012 | Source : | Visits : 8906
NEW YORK - inovia, the leading foreign filing platform provider, today announced in a press release a new trademark search and registration service. The new trademark features support inovia's ongoing mission to deliver increased efficiency and significant cost savings to its customers by providing tools that automate, streamline and simplify legal processes including global trademark search, application and registration. 

Registering for a trademark is quick, simple and competitively priced with inovia. Using the trademark search engine, applicants and attorneys can search more than seven million US trademarks to help with the planning of registered words and phrases. Unlike other trademark search engines that don't recognize or differentiate the 45 different trademark registration classes and therefore return confusing and irrelevant results, the inovia search engine features a "knockout search." With the knockout search feature, only trademarks in the most relevant classes are returned. Users can save time and money by not applying for trademarks that are actually unavailable. For trademark attorneys, the advanced search system allows more complex queries and returns all search results, relevant as well as irrelevant searches, which can be saved and/or printed. 

"inovia's new trademark and registration services are the most user-friendly and affordably-priced solutions available on the market," said Justin Simpson, Founder of inovia. "We are proud to add these capabilities to our platform and to ease the time and administrative burden companies, universities and patent attorneys face as they take the necessary steps to create a brand and protect intellectual property – both domestically and internationally." 

inovia is the global leader in foreign patent filing, having served over 1,000 clients. Its global instruction platform,, simplifies the PCT national stage entry and European validation processes. With headquarters in New York, offices in London, Munich and Sydney, and agents covering over 80 countries, inovia provides support in all major time zones and IP jurisdictions. inovia's patented technology pioneered online foreign filing and is recognized amongst WIPO's most notable inventions.

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