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Stemedica Granted US Patent for Cellular Scaffold

15-Feb-2012 | Source : | Visits : 7974
SAN DIEGO, CA - Stemedica Cell Technologies Inc., a leading manufacturer of adult allogeneic stem cells and stem cell factors announced in a press release that the Company has been issued US Patent #8,105,380 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

This broad-based patent covers the combination of scaffolds with stem cells derived from ectodermal and mesenchymal tissue. Unique features of the invention include a two-layer approach to wound healing: 1) a biodegradable layer that enhances growth factor and cytokine delivery in the wound bed and 2) a non-absorbable biological bandage layer that encourages epidermal closure. Mimicking human skin in its design, the Stemedica product will serve as a skin substitute for full thickness burns and chronic wounds. Estimated sales of wound care products in 2012 are $12.5 Billion.

Nikolai Tankovich, M.D., Ph.D., President and Chief Medical Officer of Stemedica noted, “This patent brings together many aspects of regenerative medicine that are unique to our Company. These include the use of multiple stem cell technology for complicated medical conditions, the first application of specially formulated ischemic tolerant stem cells, and the process to populate a variety of scaffolds to enhance wound healing.”

The inventors of the patent are Ludmilla Kharazi, MD, PhD, Senior Scientist, and Alex Kharazi, MD, PhD, Chief Technology Officer at Stemedica. According to Dr. Alex Kharazi, “This patent combines mesenchymal stem cells with fibroblasts, but can also be used with neural stem cells. We can now treat the entire spectrum of wound pathology—from suppressing inflammation, to restoring endothelial integrity, promoting angiogenesis, and facilitating innervation in damaged tissue.”

Maynard Howe, vice chairman and chief executive officer of Stemedica commented, “We take great pride in overcoming many of the hurdles to cellular therapy. We have solved the manufacturing challenges of producing cells with predicable safety, purity and potency. Our cGMP facilities allow for large scale manufacturing under the appropriate government licenses. With this patent we are addressing the challenge of innovating in the field of intellectual property. We look forward to partnering with other companies that wish to take advantage of Stemedica’s growing assets, be they research, manufacturing, or intellectual property.”

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