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Intertainment’s Ortsbo Releases Patent Pending One2One App for Apple iPad

04-Oct-2011 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 12591
NEW YORK / LOS ANGELES / SAN MATEO / TORONTO - Intertainment Media Inc. announced in a press release that its social media, real time, experiential communications platform, ( has released its patent pending Ortsbo One2One (“O2O”) app for Apple iPad mobile devices via iTunes at

Ortsbo One2One is initially an advertising sponsored app that has been localized for download by users from iTunes in 5 native languages including English, French, Spanish, German and Italian while translating in over 50 languages.

The release is the latest in a series of mobile announcements for Ortsbo as it has already launched its O2go social media app for Apple iPhones, available on iTunes, O2O for Windows 7 available on Windows Marketplace and is concluding its beta testing for Android.

O2O is and easy to use, powerful tool that any traveler can’t be without. O2O allows you to have a one device conversation with someone seamlessly in over 50 languages. Ortsbo O2O enables mobile phones and portable computing devices to communicate in 2 separate languages directly with the device user and the recipient. A user can type a message in one language and by the action of simply moving the device, the message is instantly translated into the 2nd selected language.

The O2O app is ideal for traveling and for communicating with an individual or group, where the user does not speak the native language. Ortsbo’s One2One translates your inputted text by using Ortsbo's powerful experiential translation platform allowing a user to communicate with the recipient in a free flowing style without the need for guides or other translation devices.

“Ortsbo’s One2One, or O2O, patent pending app for Apple iPad delivers another key milestone as the Ortsbo team strives to provide global leadership in the development and execution of products and services that break down the language barrier”, commented David Lucatch, CEO Intertainment / President Ortsbo Inc. “We are committed to meeting the objectives we’ve set and move Ortsbo from a consumer centric social model to a revenue centric commercial platform, empowering our consumer and commercial users to benefit from our multi-form factor experiential language products.”

Ortsbo, together with its Commobility team continues to develop secured IP mobile and portable computing technology initiatives, including solutions for multi-lingual communications, location based and proximity communications solutions as well as additional device solutions for Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Details of future products applications will be released as they become available.

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