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New Anvita Health Patent Enables Variable Co-Pay to Encourage Optimal Medication Therapy

15-Sep-2011 | Source : | Visits : 8362
SAN DIEGO - Adding a fundamentally new dimension to clinical decision support (CDS) systems, Anvita Health announced in a press release a patent that enables variable co-pay for an individual patient using his or her unique attributes, to improve the selection of optimal medications. This is the fifth clinical analytics patent within the past two years granted to Anvita Health, a pioneer in the innovative use of clinical analytics.

“Almost all non-medical industries, such as travel or finance, have dynamic, context-specific pricing,” said Anvita Health Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Ahmed Ghouri, M.D. “But unlike other industries that use that technology only to maximize profit, our patent leverages dynamic pricing to improve the safety and efficacy of prescribed medications.”

Using the invention, a CDS system can discourage prescribing of ineffective and dangerous therapies, and encourage the use of highly effective and curative ones by employing financial incentives that are tied to evidence-based medicine. For example, an antibiotic can be priced very high if the infectious agent is not sensitive to that drug. Additionally, prescriptions that pose a specific and known safety threat to a patient can be made very costly, in real-time, to deter their use by financial, and not just educational, means.

Alternatively, co-pays can be dynamically reduced for drugs of choice based on molecular markers of responsiveness. This, Ghouri says, is particularly important in cancer therapy, where virtually all emerging drugs are based upon genetic markers of responsiveness.

Co-pays may also be reduced in patients who remain adherent to regimens, to reinforce positive behavior. Patient-specific reasoning can be provided within an electronic medical record at the point of prescribing without effort on the physician’s part and in real-time.

“Information overload, coupled with insufficient time to keep current with knowledge, greatly impairs a physician’s ability to know everything about a patient or medications available,” said Ghouri. “Using our technology superimposed upon clinical data from an electronic medical record adds a dimension to clinical decision support that helps physicians fine-tune prescribing decisions in real-time.”

Among Anvita Health’s other recently issued patents designed to improve the quality of health care are:
• A methodology for the rapid capture of structured diagnoses using a medication history, for use in emergency rooms or in launching a new patient medical record;
• An at-a-glance display of clinical analysis that improves the likelihood of the right treatment at the right time; and
• A methodology for the direct comparison of treatment options scored by safety, efficacy and cost to increase the safe and effective use of medications.
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Founded by physicians in 2000, Anvita Health provides innovative clinical analytics to its customers who, combined, manage more than 100 million lives in the US. Anvita Health provides high-performance clinical analytics solutions for health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, personal health record and electronic health record companies, and health care providers. Anvita Health is headquartered in San Diego, California.

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