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Biomoda Expands IP Portfolio with Canadian Patent, TM Protection in EU

15-Jun-2011 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 8116

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Cancer diagnostics company Biomoda Inc. today announced in a press release significant additions to its Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio, including a Canadian patent for using its proprietary porphyrin-based compound to detect cancer and trademark protection for Biomoda’s CyPathâ assay kits and reagents in the European Union.

“While we work toward FDA approval and commercialization of our CyPathâ diagnostic for lung cancer, it is critically important to make sure that our technology and the IP behind it are protected,” Biomoda President John Cousins said.  “Cancer is a global health crisis with the number of diagnoses and deaths expected to double by 2030.  We will continue to expand the geographic reach of our IP protection in order to make the CyPathâ assay available worldwide.”

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office issued Canadian patent 2,429,526 titled “Compositions and Methods for Detecting Pre-Cancerous Conditions In Cell And Tissue Samples Using 5, 10, 15, 20-Tetrakis (Carboxyphenol) Porphine.”  The Canadian patent is similar to Biomoda’s US patent 6,838,248, which was issued in 2005.  Biomoda now has foreign patent rights in Canada, Mexico, Japan and Australia.  Patent rights are pending before the European Patent Office.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), an agency of the United Nations headquartered in Geneva, has issued a Certificate of Registration that provides trademark protection for CyPathâ kits and reagents for clinical and laboratory diagnostic use in the European Union (EU).

“Trademark protection is a key step toward filing for a CE mark in Europe,” Biomoda CEO Maria Zannes said.  “One strategy we are exploring is using CyPathâ as a screening tool in Europe.  We believe this would both expedite our path to market and provide additional data for our pivotal clinical trial.”

Biomoda is a cancer diagnostics company focused on the development of accurate, inexpensive and noninvasive tests for the early detection of cancer. In addition to its first product for lung cancer, diagnostic assays for cervical, breast, colorectal, bladder, and oral cancers are targeted for development.


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